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Hatch makes it easy to build a brighter financial future. As an Agilisys employee you're eligible for a FREE financial planning session with one of our expert financial coaches.

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Ask questions about your finances, or about Hatch.

Get personalised tips and guidance to improve your finances.

No commitment to continue if it's not right for you.


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Available until 7th September 2018

Free financial planning sessions are currently available for Agilisys employees until 7th September 2018. Book now to guarantee your spot and start building a brighter financial future ASAP.

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See how we helped Sally and John to be £496,457 better off in the future.


For a full list of what's included in the service, please take a look at our employee brochure.

The Hatch service is designed to help most employees, however your coach may identify your situation requires a more specialist adviser. For example, if you are over 55 you may need specialist advice on retirement income options. In these cases, they can refer you to a specialist third party adviser, if you wish.

About Hatch's Charges

Your first financial planning session is entirely free. It will help clarify the big financial goals in your life and give you ideas on how to improve your future finances.

To continue after the first free session and receive your full financial plan, there would be a small cost. Financial planning services normally cost £1000 upwards. But for Agilisys employees, Hatch could cost as little as £40 for the year. 

For this cost, you will receive:

  • Your own financial plan, built by an expert, showing you:
    • How your wealth might grow over the years ahead
    • How much better off you could be 
    • How on track you could be for all your goals (e.g., property, raising children, retirement, other?)
    • How to get there - bite-sized actions across spending, savings, investments, pensions, mortgages, life insurance and wills!
  • Online access to your plan
  • The ability to create and edit unlimited financial plans, to cover different scenarios as your goals or situation change
  • Unlimited access to your financial coach
  • Recommended monthly budget, with recommended tools and guides to help you stick to it
  • Recommended monthly savings, with our "insider guide" on how to get the best rates
  • Recommended amounts you should invest, where applicable, with access to our market-leading automated investment advice solution
  • Recommended pension contribution levels
  • Recommended life insurance levels (free quotes and advice then available through Agilisys' other benefit providers)
  • Free access to will-writing software, through our partner Farewill¹

To explain how Hatch can cost just £40:

  • An annual fee of £426 is deducted from your gross pay through a “salary sacrifice” scheme (called Pension Advice Vouchers).
  • This saves you £136 in tax. So your take-home pay is £290 lower.
  • Hatch will pay you £250 as a cash reward, so long as you're happy to help spread the word about Hatch by referring a friend, or writing a review or sharing their Facebook page.
  • So, the net annual cost is just £40

A good financial plan can give huge peace of mind. To see if it’s for you, book a FREE Financial Planning session now

NB. Figures shown are for basic-rate tax payers. For higher-rate tax payers, the annual fee is £500, the annual tax saving is £210, and the net cost (after the cash reward) is still £40.

1Our Will writing service is currently only available for clients in England and Wales. Coming soon for the rest of the UK.