Salary Finance and Hatch partner to deliver holistic financial well-being service

In a new strategic collaboration, Hatch have partnered with Salary Finance to provide a full financial wellbeing solution for employees.

Hatch starts with what matters in employees’ lives - enjoyment, property, children, retirement or anything else. By uniquely combining powerful software with friendly financial coaches, Hatch then helps the employee build a financial plan to ensure they are on track for these goals. The plan culminates in a simple bullet-point list of actions.

Two of the most common actions are to reduce the cost of debt, and begin building savings. Salary Finance is a market leader in these fields, partnering with employers to offer employees a range of salary-linked benefits designed to help them save money and borrow sensibly.

Over 11,000 employees already have access to this combined financial wellbeing proposition.

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Why you should (and shouldn’t!) buy property

Why you should (and shouldn’t!) buy property

Jennie came to me to help her decide whether to buy a house (or not!). Now ten years into her career she was in a position, with some help from her parents, to buy a house. The problem was that she wasn’t sure that was really what she wanted.

All the conflicting advice she was receiving was preventing her from getting clarity on the potential financial implications of buying, or not buying, a house.

Top 5 myths about financial planning in the workplace

Top 5 myths about financial planning in the workplace

Financial well-being is an increasingly important topic for HR teams who want to help their employees improve their lives outside of the office. However, not all attempts at improving financial well-being are created equal!

Here at Hatch we believe strongly that financial planning is the very best way to help employees engage with their finances and make the most of their money. So, today we're going to tackle the 5 biggest misconceptions we hear from HR managers who aren't sure about introducing financial planning in their workplace.