8 virgins in bright trousers….and what they learned at Employee Benefits Live

Last week, 8 of the Hatch team made our debut at the fantastic Employee Benefits Live conference.

It was great fun, somewhat exhausting, extremely informative….and very inspiring, with a room full of great people united in their conviction to improve the wellbeing of UK employees.

Here are our top 4 takeaways:

1. Gone are the LifeCos

When we first looked at the floor plan, our immediate question was “where are the Pension and Life Companies?”.

We learned, while timeless giants such as L&G, Aviva, Pru etc have dominated the show in years gone by, this is now a scene dominated by innovators and disruptors. Read on….

2. The future is Well-Tech

The Employee Benefits scene in 2017 is dominated by the theme of “wellbeing” - Physical, Mental and Financial. And, tech-led disruption is the order of the day.

Take Thrive for example - a clinically proven set of apps, improving the mental wellbeing of over 700,000 people, across workplaces as large as BA, Amazon and NHS.

Another example - Videodoc - that lets employees connect with GPs via video technology - improving health and saving time from work!

Check out the exhibitor list for many more examples!

3. Huge interest in Financial Well-being…but what’s the answer?

Financial Well-being has become a particularly hot topic, seemingly rising from nowhere in just the last year or two, and now upper-most on HR teams’ minds.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for this surge in interest. Peoples’ personal finances haven’t particularly changed in the last few years. The sense is, it’s in part due to the increased focus on mental health issues. And in part due to Auto Enrolment forcing companies to re-look at their financial benefits. And in part due to the arrival of companies like Neyber and Salary Finance, having between them raised £120m in capital in the last few weeks, to further their mission to provide great education and debt management solutions through the workplace.

Hatch plays firmly into this space, and we haven’t seen many other services providing a full financial planning service to any level of employee, regardless of wealth, at such a low cost. The demand is - frankly - a little overwhelming!

4. Coloured trousers rock

As differentiated and on-point as the Hatch service is…..we can’t deny, it was our trousers that got the most attention.

We have to thank the excellent Employee Benefits Live team. They advised us to wear “business attire”, scuppering our T-shirt plans and leading us towards this altogether more eye-catching alternative.

We made many new friends as a result, and are delighted to each have an extra garment for our fancy dress boxes.

The question now is…. how do we top it next year?!