Financial Coaching is an exciting new way to fast-track a career in Financial Advice, made possible by Hatch's innovative new technology and training programmes.

As a Financial Coach, you will soon be building financial plans for your clients and achieving exceptional satisfaction scores.

You don't need to be a financial whizz kid to apply to be a financial coach. But you do need to have a very strong academic background, and an exceptional desire and ability to make a difference to peoples' lives. 



Are you a top-tier graduate, with outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills? Loved helping people through charity or voluntary roles, but not sure how to translate it into a career? Tried a job or two, but not found your true calling? Some of our best Financial Coaches fit this profile. To their surprise, they've found financial services don't have to be dull and dry. Rather, Hatch has given them a framework through which to make a profound difference to everyday people.


Career Changers

Are you looking to switch career? Maybe spurred by the arrival of children, relocation, or simply the desire to try something different? If your current career has helped you develop strong coaching and influence skills, you could be a great fit for Financial Coaching. Our Financial Coaches come from backgrounds as diverse as Teaching, Training, HR, Account Management, Customer Service and General Management.


Banking Escapees

In our experience, the lure of the City wears off for most people. The mystique, complexity and pay packets that once attracted you, later leave you asking "Why?" How am I really helping people? Isn't there more to life than this rat-race? Hatch gives banking escapees the chance to put their financial knowledge to good use, directly helping people improve their lives, while working in a more enjoyable and rewarding environment at Hatch HQ!

Refer a Friend - Earn £250 Each!

Do you know someone who would make a great Financial Coach? Introduce us to them by email ( and if we hire them, we'll pay you £250 each. Offer open to any existing customers, partners or friends of Hatch or VouchedFor!

As a financial coach you will help people plan their financial future, and make important decisions regarding their budgeting, pensions, investments, mortgages, life insurance and wills.

Using Hatch's unique technology you'll build a financial plan for each client - showing how their money is set to grow - and how on-track that leaves them for their key life goals, such as buying a property, helping children and retiring comfortably.

You'll help your clients understand which goals are truly important, and what trade offs they can make. And you'll show them the huge difference that can be made through different investment, pension, mortgage and insurance strategies.

You won't advise them on exactly what products to take out, but you will guide them in the right direction, and introduce them to technology that can recommend specific products. And, where they have particularly complex needs, you'll introduce them to a local top-rated Independent Financial Adviser, through our parent company VouchedFor.

The result: you'll bring financial peace of mind to thousands of people.


Make a Difference

If you've not picked this up already....making a real difference to your clients' lives is definitely the biggest perk!


Competitive Package

Coaches salaries are very competitive, as benchmarked against roles requiring 4-5 years customer service experience. You can also earn up to 30% bonus, depending on how happy your clients are. And, you'll get a stake in our parent company, VouchedFor.


Qualifications & Career Path

We'll financially support you in gaining formal Financial Advice qualifications, which would allow you to pursue a career as a financial adviser. After 2-3 years, you'll have both the necessary qualifications, and the hands-on client-management experience. Through the Financial Coaching role - and our parent company VouchedFor - you'll get to know lots of IFA firms across the country, and we would support you in joining one of them if that's your chosen path.


Be Part of a Great Team

We're a team of highly driven and talented people. Both Hatch and our parent company VouchedFor are growing rapidly, and our audacious mission is to help everyone get the best financial and legal advice. 

While ambitious, we're also relaxed and fun. We empower and support people to take responsibility and develop rapidly. There's no stuffiness, and no blame. Just a tight group of people committed to helping as many people as we can.


Our location has many benefits, being just outside the hustle and bustle of Central London -

  • Lots of outdoor space - both at the offices - and beyond, from Bushey Park to the River Thames
  • A lovely commute - you could catch a train with free seats (really!), cycle through Richmond Park, drive (and park for free) or even get a cab from LHR after a weekend away!
  • A large, modern, subsidised canteen

You'll mostly be working from our offices, speaking with clients by Phone or Web Conference. We also have use of our investors' offices in Central London, for when you want to organise a day to meet London clients. You can also expect to spend a couple of days each week visiting clients within the workplaces we serve (usually in London).