Claim Our Referral Reward

Our mission at Hatch is to make high quality financial planning accessible and affordable for anyone. Help us spread the word (in one of three easy ways) and we'll pay you £250 to say thanks.

How it works

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Help Spread the Word

Simply do one of the following:

  • Refer a friend (using your unique code), or 
  • Write a review for us on VouchedFor, or
  • Like and share our Facebook page.
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Tell us where to send the reward

If you're paying for Hatch via Direct Debit, we'll simply reduce your subscription amount. If you're paying via Salary Sacrifice you'll need to let us know your bank account details.

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We'll pay you £250!

Please note that if you choose to pay for Hatch monthly the £250 Referral Reward is paid out in 12 monthly instalments of £20.80/month. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Hatch offering a Referral Reward?

In the world of financial services, it can often cost businesses hundreds of pounds in marketing and advertising costs for every new client they get. At Hatch we would prefer give our clients the chance to lower their fees by recommending us to their friends!

2. What happens when the Referral Reward expires after 12 months?

You can renew the Referral Reward each year so that you can keep the total cost of Hatch as low as possible.

To renew the Referral Reward, you simply need to do some another action from the list above that helps us spread the word about Hatch. That means either leaving a review (or a second review), referring a friend (or referring a second friend), or liking and sharing our Facebook page (if you haven't already done so).

3. When will the Referral Reward be paid?

If you are paying for Hatch via direct debit then we will simply adjust the amount that is paid to account for the Referral Reward being applied.

If you are paying for Hatch via Salary Sacrifice then things are a little more complex. We pay all our Referral Rewards on the same day each month, but we cannot pay it until your employer has paid your Hatch subscription and you have let us know the bank account where you would like us to send your reward. If you believe that you should have been paid a Referral Reward and have not received it, please get in touch at, or ask your coach for help.