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Hatch helps your employees plan for a brighter financial future, no matter their current circumstances. Get a free proposal today to learn more.

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Personalised Guidance From A Coach

Each employee can discuss their situation with a friendly financial coach, and get their own financial plan as a result. All our guidance is tailored specifically to each person, and explained in straightforward language.

Holistic Financial Planning

We look at each person's whole financial situation, and show how it’s likely to change over the short, medium and long term. They’ll get an action list to improve their financial future covering everything from savings to pensions, insurance to mortgages, and more.

Understand Your Team

Getting an accurate picture of your employees’ financial wellbeing can be difficult. With Hatch we can provide insights into the common trends and challenges faced by your team, and what more could be done to help them.

Bring Your Benefits Together

Since we look at employees’ whole situation, we can direct them to existing benefits that they should be taking advantage of. If you already have financial wellbeing benefits in place, Hatch ensures the right people are taking advantage.

Expert advice, affordable to everybody

Hatch qualifies for Salary Sacrifice, producing tax and national insurance savings. It works out cheaper for employees than a short taxi ride! Alternatively, for maximum impact on employee wellbeing, employers can fund or subsidise the costs.

We're proud to have been recognised by the industry for our innovation and consumer led approach

Innovation in Consumer Finance Award
Financial Education Provider of the Year
Consumer Champion of the Year

How Hatch Works

Here's how we showed our clients Sally and John that they could be £496,457 better off in the future.


Hatch works with leading benefits platforms

With some benefits platforms, Hatch is available directly as a Salary Sacrifice, Employee Funded or Employer Funded benefit. With other platforms, Hatch's fees can be facilitated through salary sacrifice by our sister-benefit, Pension Advice Vouchers. We are working with more and more platforms - please contact us for the latest list. Hatch also works well for employers who do not use a benefits platform.
We're recommended by some of the UK's best places to work
Employer Recommendation
"Hatch inspired our team to really start thinking about their financial future, and more importantly to actually take action. Hatch’s model helps people engage with this, which is so often neglected because it’s normally too daunting."
Greg Jackson
CEO, Octopus Energy
Employer Recommendation
"Hatch combines access to a Financial Coach – a real human expert, available in our offices – with engaging financial planning technology, which helps you see how your financial future may unfold and how best to improve the picture. So far, all the employee feedback on Hatch has been very positive."
Neil Fitzgerald
Head of Reward, Moneysupermarket Group
Our average rating from employees is 4.9 out of 5
Employee Review
"I am new to financial planning services, previously feeling that ... I was not of interest to these firms. My opinion has now changed! [My Hatch Coach] Seb has been wonderful in discussing in detail my financial situation and goals for the future, as well as making insightful suggestions that I just would not have considered. He has been both professional and friendly."
Christian, May 2018
Employee Review
"Excellent - Very very helpful and friendly, all was very clear to understand. Would definitely recommend [my financial coach] to a friend/colleague. He has already managed to change my mindset towards saving!... I'm starting to believe I can actually do this!"
Jay, August 2018

Who's behind Hatch?

Hatch comes from the team behind, the UK's biggest reviews website for financial and legal professionals.  We’ve already helped over 100,000 people find a great financial adviser, but with Hatch we’re on a mission to make financial planning easy and powerful for everyone (not just the well-off). More recently, we launched Pension Advice Vouchers - the UK’s only salary sacrifice scheme to help reduce the cost of financial advice.

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