Hatch Financial Planning Workshop

Instantly turbo-charge your employees' financial well-being

Our workshops are designed for instant impact - to immediately engage and inspire your employees to plan for their financial futures.

Depending on location, demand and availability, we can offer these workshops free of charge to workplaces registered with Hatch.


We don't use powerpoint presentations for our workshops. 

We use a collection of props, case-studies, videos and exercises to create a fast-paced, energetic session, that leaves people engaged and committed to learning more and taking action to improve their financial futures.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The value of financial planning - and how a typical 30-year old couple could be £500,000 better off
  2. How to plan for key life goals - Property, Children, Retirement - what they each cost, and how best to save for them
  3. What does investing mean? And how to do it properly
  4. The power of pensions...and how they needn't limit you
  5. The importance of protection (e.g., life insurance) and how much you each need

The workshop will begin to engage participants in generic financial planning principles. We will not recommend particular financial products, nor give personal recommendations.

Ideal Participants

Our workshops are open to anybody, but most suited to those in the 25-55 year range, who are neither in financial distress nor full financial comfort.

Follow Up

All participants will be given the option of a free financial coaching session, where they will receive a personal financial forecast and initial plan. Ongoing financial advice is then available for a small monthly cost, for those who wish.

Time requirement: 1 hr


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